Help us to translate Saturn

Know a second language? Help us to translate Saturn!
We're currently looking for volunteer translators to help port Saturn into other languages, starting in Saturn 0.2.0 we're introducing support for other languages and you can help get the ball rolling.
To get started, click the link below.
Saturn translation - POEditor localization platform
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Saturn is open-source and is created and maintained by volunteers, so we're unfortunately unable to compensate translators for their work, but you can request to be added to our translators section below by emailing [email protected]
By submitting work to POEditor you provide Saturn with unconditional permission to use your translations and understand that this is volunteer work where you will not be paid.

Translations Credit

  • Jakub Koziej
  • Emmy M
All other language files (except en files) were made by Lewis Milburn via Google Translate. Feel free to improve these files if needed.
Language files en-gb and en-us are maintained by the Saturn contributors on GitHub. All language files are compiled by Saturn contributors on GitHub.

Masculine / Feminine Translation Languages

Some languages follow a masculine/feminine approach to certain nouns, at this time we're asking translators to use masculine versions across Saturn. We are looking into ways to implement a way to use both translation versions and will produce masculine/feminine language variants in the future.