How much space does Saturn take up?

Saturn was designed from the ground up to be as lightweight and use as little storage as possible. As of version 0.1.2, Saturn uses 1.76 Megabytes of storage space. Saturn also uses approximately 14 Kilobytes of database space.
However, this may vary slightly depending on certain factors such as file system, website assets, name, description, etc.
This amount will increase as your website gains more content. The currently largest confirmed Saturn file size is 40.1 Megabytes (About 3.1 Megabytes if you don't count their homepage video) and the database size is 142 Kilobytes, owned by

I can't install Saturn.

Localhost Environments
Saturn Installer does not currently support localhost environments. Please see Saturn on localhost: A temporary fix. to learn how you can install Saturn on the localhost.
If you're using shared hosting or a hosting company - this does not apply and you can use the Saturn installer as normal. However, if errors persist please also follow the temporary fix guide.
If you're experiencing technical issues installing Saturn please ensure that your server meets our minimum server requirements. This may be the reason why you can't update Saturn.
If there's a different reason why you can't update Saturn, please get in touch with our technical support team by emailing [email protected]