What is an Activation Key and why do I need one?

A Saturn Activation Key is a unique identifier that registers your Saturn installation with our central server. Your Activation Key allows you to access the Saturn Marketplace and Global Security System.
Without an Activation Key, you can't download more Themes from the Marketplace, or access potentially website-saving security features from Global Security System.
You'll still be able to manually install themes without an Activation Key, and Saturn's built-in security features will still function as normal.

My Activation Key has been deactivated or banned, what does this mean for my website?

We rarely deactivate or ban activation keys. If your key is associated with misuse or other activities that go against the Saturn Link Terms of Service your key may be temporarily deactivated, but we'll always contact you to find a resolution.
Your Saturn installation will still function as normal without an activation key, but you'll not be able to access the Saturn Marketplace and Global Security System. You'll also lose access to restricted Saturn Link API endpoints.
If you require assistance with your Saturn Activation Key, please feel free to email our technical support team at [email protected]