Development Builds
These changelogs are for development builds.
These versions are not yet released in the stable branch and are subject to change. These builds are not for production environments. Changelogs are removed from this page when the versions are released.

Saturn 0.2.0-dev

New Features:
  • Added translations support.
  • Added Bengali (বাংলা) translation
  • Added German (Deutsch) translation.
  • Added English (American) translation.
  • Added Spanish (Español) translation.
  • Added French (Français) translation.
  • Added Hindi (हिन्दी) translation.
  • Added Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia) translation.
  • Added Korean (한국인) translation with help from Emmy M.
  • Added Polish (Polskie) translation by Jakub Koziej.
  • Added Portuguese (Português) translation.
  • Added Simplified Chinese (简体中文) translation.
  • Added Traditional Chinese (中國傳統的) translation.
  • Added Ukrainian (український) translation.
  • Added file manager.
  • Added file uploader.
  • Added optional telemetry. Please see for more information.
  • Added remote update checking for themes.
  • Added session timeout alerts.
  • Added search bars to the articles page and team page in the control panel; and the user management page and website settings page in the admin panel.
  • Added page views and article views to the dashboard's user statistics section.
Changes and Improvements:
  • A limited amount of text around the control and admin panel has been tweaked to work better with the new translations system.
  • 'Missing image' image and 'Error image' image now show up in the admin panel's themes menu.
  • Updated some backend functions to add return type declarations.
  • Updated copyright and licensing information.
  • Updated shadows to be more visually pleasing.
  • Updated Tailwind to Version 3 in render engine. Public pages and articles will now use this new version.
  • Changed the news embedding system to allow for fullscreen views of the news site.
  • Patched database optimization to prevent tables from being skipped.
  • Improved backend code for the dashboard "Top Writers" and "Top Approvals" sections to improve speed and reduce errors.
  • Improved backend code for profile viewing of users' pages and articles to reduce errors.
  • Themes will now alert you if they don't support custom fonts.
  • Pages now have header images uploaded to them instead of using an external link.
  • User's view counts have been re-enabled.
  • The CSS of the logos in the panel's navbar has been changed make them fit better.
  • Images will no longer upload to '/storage/images' but will instead be placed in '/storage/uploads/images'. (excl. website assets)
  • Fixed issues when installing Saturn on localhost environments.
  • Fixed issue S17: Config file not receiving new values and keys on update.
  • Fixed a part of issue S15: Errors in Saturn Installer.
  • Fixed a part of issue S18: Errors in Saturn Installer.
  • Fixed issue S19: Update check still performed on the dashboard even when disabled.
  • Fixed issue S20: View counters show incorrect values.
  • Fixed issue S21: Page does not display if URL contains a trailing slash
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